Teaching The Difference

Creating Engagement Around Bisexuality

Caution: May Contain Bisexual

Sometimes when I give a talk or workshop about bisexuality, but especially when I’m a part of a panel discussion, someone will ask “But why do we need labels? Wouldn’t it be better if we just stopped putting people in boxes?”   Often this question is asked by someone who isn’t bisexual, but I have […]

Stonewall’s Bi Consultation Day

It’s LGBT History Month in February. That fact didn’t escape my notice as I waited for my train this morning to come into The London for a meeting today. Next year, we’ll be including today in the timeline of historic events.   Stonewall has had, historically, a bad rep in bisexual activist circles. We’ve seen […]

How to prove bisexuality doesn’t exist

Shall we use science? Electrodes to the naughty bits and porno slideshows? If the people we’ve decided to call “representative” don’t respond exactly identically to a range of genders, if they show any preference we can shove them to the poles and dismiss a middle ground.   How about surveys? Adverts in the “LGBT” press […]

For bisexual activists, what is most tiring?

This weekend I was invited to take part in the 2x panel discussions about bisexuality at EuroPride in Oslo. Of seven panellists, three were bisexual people. The remainder included representatives of LGBT organisations with the usual generalised remit to support bisexual people as part of LGBT. One of these admitted that they didn’t do enough […]