Teaching The Difference

Creating Engagement Around Bisexuality


2012's Bisexuality Report, Open UniversityYour bisexual staff need support.

The largest group within LGBT people is the bisexual people, according to recent studies in the US. But attempts to improve working lives for bisexual staff members through LGBT initiatives often fail.

Staff network groups for LGBT employees report few if any ‘out’ bisexual members.

Find out why you’re not reaching these people, and how you can change staff retention among bisexual employees. 

“By providing resources and support through ‘Bisexual Index’ you are making a real difference to the lives of bisexual people across the UK.

You should be remarkably proud of the work you have done to combat stigma and to bring together the bisexual community” Theresa May, UK Prime Minister

Your staff want to understand.

The main reason people carry negative attitudes to a minority is unfamiliarity. Meeting people replaces ignorance with personal connections.

But in a culture that isn’t welcoming to bisexual people, no-one will say “I’m bisexual” and negative attitudes perpetuate.

Find out how you can instigate culture change in your workplace to be bi inclusive and decrease disciplinary action.

“Thank you so much for your participation in our conference which was extremely well received. Your contribution played a key role in making our National LGBT Conference very successful and rewarding event for our members.”

Collette Cork-Hurst, National Officer for Equalities, Unite the Union

You want a genuine bisexual voice.

Many large LGBT organisations offer training on LGBT awareness and issues. Your staff have already had this broad training, and now need to understand the issues that are unique to the bisexual population.

To give your staff an understanding about biphobia you need a bisexual bi awareness trainer, not an LGBT trainer presenting a cut down version of LGBT training.

Find out how much more your staff will benefit from a trainer who has lived experience and increase their value.

“A huge thank you for your talk on Friday. It was absolutely fantastic and really got people talking – I was involved in an extensive lunchtime debate afterwards with people who had and hadn’t attended, those who had being able to explain exactly what being bisexual was all about and the challenges faced. It really got us thinking differently and re-examining ourselves.”

Jenni Orme, The National Archives

You can access decades of experience working with bi people to hone your engagement of them.

Does your organisation seek to engage with LGBT people? Are you viewing bisexual people as a subsector of this?

For many bisexual people the umbrella term “gay” is a barrier to their interaction with “gay groups” or organisations.

Find out how your message can reach bisexual people that you aren’t including and drive up your engagement.

You want training to be enjoyable as well as enlightening.

All people in educational settings report increased outcomes from the training when they enjoy the session. Content and presentation style are essential. Any many people negatively view any Equality and Diversity training as a series of “Do Not”s.

But with a professional public speaker who fully understands, and lives, the subject the training becomes fun and fascinating. There’s only one person in the UK who is a member of both a government recognised Bisexual Champion and a member of the prestigious performers society The Magic Circle.

My previous delighted clients include: West Midlands Police, BP, The National Archive, CitiBank, Baker & McKenzie, East London NHS Foundation Trust, HSBC, RPC, the TUC, Unison, Hampshire Constabulary, Unite, Southwark LGBT Network, Solent LGBT Network and the Department for Constitutional Affairs.

Find out how Bi Awareness training could become your most popular training course for your staff.

“Thanks again for coming in. The feedback is that people they were engaged and the comments on your personal effectiveness as a presenter are particularly glowing, so well done!”

Liz Williams, Baker & McKenzie LLP

You need bespoke training.

Every organisation, every industry, has different circumstances. You have a history with your staff, and they have expectations of you.

You don’t want a one-size training course. You want a tailored fit to your staff and your policies.

Find out how a custom written training package will ensure staff engagement and provide excellent value.

Your speech was perfectly judged and delivered.  Delegates listened with an attentiveness that meant the message was hitting home, and the feedback has been extremely positive. We look forward to working with you in the future.”

Carola Towle, UNISON

You can now see the gap – I can help you fill it.

If you want to find out more about how your company will benefit from a bisexual awareness trainer with 20+ years experience working in the bisexual community, contact me now to arrange a free no-obligation chat about your training needs.